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Website Maintenance and Upgrades

Many of our clients choose to have us make intermittent updates to their website, rather than attempt to make updates themselves. For these websites we maintain, we simply keep a file and record any modifications made upon request. Maintenance can include all our services including programming, design, development, seo, graphics etc. Charges are currently $100 per hour (+ GST for Australian Clients) and billed in 15 minute blocks.

Although clients could sometimes be taught how to make the changes themselves, most prefer to have us take care of this for them. If a client is not familiar with web development, they may consume several hours of their time when we could possibly make the changes for them in just 15 minutes. This takes the worry off our clients shoulders and allows them to concentrate on running their business.

Note: The product databases used with our online shopping websites are very easily updated from our clients end. Most of our clients are now taking care of this themselves.

Requesting changes only requires a phonecall or an email from someone authorised within the organisation. If plausible, we can provide an estimate of how long each change is going to take. An invoice is sent every 3,6,9 or 12 months depending on the amount of work that has been logged.

The client file is made available to the client upon request. It is simply a text file that is date stamped each time we make changes. We log details about what is done and how much time is spent on each set of requested changes.

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