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Jade Gemstone Rings & Pendants - Australian Jade - Jewellery Store

Jade is an ornamental gemstone and at Australian Jade, you can find the best range of exclusive Jade Jewellery at realistic prices. They have jade pendants, jade earrings and jade bangles all made out of Jade Nephrite. Australian Jade sells jade carvings imported from China & New Zealand along with the Australian produced jade products. Although most of the items are greenish in colour, jewellery and ornaments made from the rare Black Jade are also available from the Australian Jade website.

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Jade Gemstone Rings & Pendants

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according to the Australian Jade website, Jade Nephrite is the world's toughest mineral and is found at the world's largest deposit in Cowell, South Australia. Browse through their eye-catching catalogue and take your pick of jade jewellery.

For more information, please visit their website.

Australian Jade are based in South Australia and deliver their Jade Jewellery and Jade Carvings throughout the country and also to overseas buyers.

The Jade Gemstone Rings & Pendants website is listed in our Online-Shopping & Jewellery categories. Other Jewellery websites in our directory include Jewellery Express Opal Jewellery, Just Jewellery Australia & Gilletts Jewellers Australia.

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