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Hotmail Email Account Address - www.hotmail.com.au Login & Sign Up

Although 'hotmail.com.au' is not the correct address to check your hotmail account, the domain does divert to the Windows Live Hotmail login screen. Hotmail is the leading free email provider on the internet, initially launched by Microsoft in 1996. The Hotmail service is officially known as 'Windows Live Hotmail' and is normally accessed via hotmail.com, however as mentioned above, you can still log into your hotmail email account using the address hotmail.com.au

Screenshot of www.hotmail.com.au Login & Sign Up
Hotmail Email Account Address

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To sign up for a hotmail account, simply follow the link above to go to www.hotmail.com.au which redirects to the new hotmail which is called windows live mail. Once you are there, click on the 'sign up' button and follow the prompts to find an available hotmail or windows live email address you can use (yourname@hotmail.com or yourname@live.com.au). It's likely that the hotmail account name you want will be taken so you will have to try a few variants or accept an alternative hotmail email address that their system suggests.

For more information, please visit their website.

Hotmail is internet based and is available to anyone with an internet connection.

The Hotmail Email Account Address website is listed in our Computers-Electronics & Internet-Services categories. Another email related website is EmailCash.com.au Australia & www.bigpond.com.au Telstra Bigpond.

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Looking for the www.hotmail.com.au Login & Sign Up website? To go straight there, click here.

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