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Comsec (Commonwealth Securities Ltd) - www.comsec.com.au - Australia

The website at www.comsec.com.au is for Commonwealth Securities Ltd, the share trading branch for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Commonwealth Securities is more commonly known in Australia as Comsec or Commsec (the domain www.commsec.com.au, with double m, diverts to the main site). Comsec started operations in 1995 before the internet became prominent, however nowadays most of the share trading is done online through their website at www.comsec.com.au.

Screenshot of www.comsec.com.au -  Australia
Comsec (Commonwealth Securities Ltd)

We have given Comsec (Commonwealth Securities Ltd) a rating of  stars

Comsec Overview: Comsec is what can be called a 'discount' stockbroking service as the fees are quite competitive with trades from just $19.95. When Comsec started, they initially only offered trading in Australian Shares but have since expanded into several other services including margin lending, international shares, derivatives & managed funds. Comsec have expanded through CBA's cross marketing with their large client base as well as acquiring a number of other brokers both through CBA and Comsec's own acquisitions. In late 2007, Comsec acquired the wholesale broker IWL Ltd.

Website Review: As with most websites that form part of the Commonwealth Bank, the www.comsec.com.au site is poorly designed, hard to navigate and is just plain ugly. The Comsec site has numerous annoying popups, blotted advertising and a significant amount of dead links and errors.

We wished to do a more thorough review of the www.comsec.com.au website, however Comsec have consistantly been a pain to deal with and for some reason, rejected our application for a Comsec trading account. Hence, we could not even use the Comsec online trading system or view any of the 'member benefits'.

For more information, please visit their website.

The www.comsec.com.au website is directed and available to and for the benefit of Australian residents only (2008). Comsec operate the 'Comsec Share Shop' which is located inside the CBA branch on the ground floor at 120 Pitt Street in Sydney, NSW.

The Comsec (Commonwealth Securities Ltd) website is listed in our Money-Finance & Share-Trading categories. Related websites include BT Margin Lending, www.amp.com.au & Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

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Looking for the www.comsec.com.au - Australia website? To go straight there, click here.

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